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Back in 1992 Sentri Systems was born, and over the last 28 years we think we have seen just about everything relating to T & A problems. Problems with tardiness (Late comers and Early leavers), overtime queries, excess absenteeism to name a few. Your problem/request will have to be extremely "different" for us not to be able to come up with a solution.


No doubt, by now, you have heard all "THE STORIES".


With a combined experience in excess of 100 years we have the expertise to solve your issues.


You ARE at the right place!

Cloud Solutions

Why do you need a cloud solution?


After analysing many requests, over quite some time, the following questions/requests repeated themselves in one form or another:


I own a small retail outlet with 3 employees and need to know if my staff are at work and what time they opened my shop.

I want to monitor the time worked by my domestic worker/gardener.

and the most common

I need something simple.


This led to SimpleTime.

Then we get another group of employers/business owners with the following situations:


You own a construction company and your workers are onsite, a "normal" clocking system will not work for you.

You own a security company and your guards move from site to site, you need to know where they are and when.

You do a lot of traveling and need to know who is at work when you are anywhere in the world.

Your employees go directly to site from home and must only be paid from when they clock in onsite until they leave the site at the end of their shift.


The list is endless.


If you fall in to the above categories or your business has a similar operation then you need FaceTime.


As the name suggests SimpleTime is a simple, basic attendance system aimed at companies with a small staff compliment, where, even though all the days clockings are recorded, the calculation of the number of hours worked for the day is based on the first and last clocking for the day.


If you need to know the actual hours worked, your staff work night shifts, you want to monitor absenteeism or have complex shift settings please have a look at TurboTime.


Here's how SimpleTime works:

There are two options to record your employees' times:


Option one TT635 fingerprint reader, requires a wi-fi connection. This is a fixed unit and the recommended option for businesses, such as retail, where you want to monitor the time your business opened.


Option two is to use an "older" cell phone or tablet (minimum of android 6) and can be used by domestic workers etc. This option requires either data or a wi-fi connection.


Or use both if this suits your needs.

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SimpleTime TT635 Fingerprint Reader

TT 635

With both options you have automatically removed the chances of staff clocking for each other, "Buddy-Clocking".

Once your staff have started clocking you can log into the cloud and view your employees times.

The days are colour coded so you can see at a glance what is happening.

Completed Shift (Target Reached)

Missing In Clocking (Why?)

Missing Out Clocking (Why?)

Incomplete Shift (Target NOT Reached)

AWOL (No Clockings for the Day)

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If there is a valid reason for a missing clocking it can be added manually.



You are now ready to print your clocking report. This report is available in two variants:

PDF (uneditable). This format could be mailed to your employee.

Excel (editable). Use this to make any changes before submitting to payroll.


In the example below the Friday shows red indicating missing clockings (In this instance a Public Holiday). Saturday and Sunday show in beige because the employee is not required to work on these days, though he might.

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FaceTime is aimed primarily at, but not limited to, companies whose staff members work away from home (i.e. They do not report to the companies premises in the mornings but go straight to "site").


This gives rise to the following questions:

What time did they say they arrived onsite compared to the time they actually arrived?

What time did they leave? What time did the customer say?


FaceTime has GPS co-ordinates of where the clocking took place, so your sales rep can no longer "clock-in" while he is still in bed at his hotel.


You can also monitor other times and GPS co-ordinates, such as, when did my TLB and driver arrive on site?

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Because the clockings are stored in the cloud it is possible to use a personal cell phone (e.g. field technician) or have a tablet to be used by a team (e.g. construction site).


The first image is mainly used for administrative functions. The photos with notes button allows for your staff to email photos of anything that is out of the ordinary (e.g. Running late Road Block and attach a photo of the traffic jam.).


The second is the main clocking screen with the facility to have special in clockings (e.g. meeting at child's school) and special out clockings (e.g. going to doctor). These reasons are recorded as an absentee reason.


Built in trip monitor:

The green van for the start of a trip, the red van for the end. Breadcrumbs of the trip with latitude and longitude are recorded.


The green cog shows the number of clockings waiting to be sent to the cloud, the red cog is used to access the admin screen.


Because the system works both online and offline, it can even be used underground, the clockings are stored in the devices' internal database and transfered as soon as there is an internet connection.

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Once your staff begin clocking you can generate your reports, of which there are two for T & A.

Use the trip monitor to "follow" selected employees.

And view the trips in Google Maps, Google Styled Maps or Google Earth.

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TurboTime is one of the most powerful Time and Attendance packages available on the South African market. (With installations in neighbouring states and as far a field as Belgium).


TurboTime comes with the advantage of not carrying ANY annual license fees. Once you buy the software it is yours forever, but we don't leave you out there on your own. We have a team of highly experienced software support technicians to assist with any queries that may arise.

The most important setting in any T & A System is the shifts. If these settings do not conform to your company rules then the results will be wrong and your company could easily be losing millions in Overtime payments.


Whether you have a basic 07:00 to  17:00 shift with a one hour lunch break or you have a complex shift where your team work from 07:00 to 12:00 then go home and return to work at 19:00 and work through to 07:00 the next day (all in one shift). TurboTime can be set up accordingly.

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Many clients are amazed how badly their existing system is being abused when they start with the shift settings.


Once you are happy with the shift setup (this may appear to be a daunting task, but don't worry we help you with these settings) we need to look at the working week and the rules that apply, e.g. Must your employees work on Saturdays?

Some of you are looking at the working week and saying "that can't work for me". Well we have thought of that eventuality for those of you whose employees don't have a pattern (this is very common in Restaurants and Filling Stations). Schedules allow for you to allocate shifts to employees on a daily basis.

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We even accommodate large companies (a real life example: over 2000 employees at more than 40 branches), This would be extremely time consuming for one person, so each branch manager captures his employees work rosters in the cloud, and once approved they are pulled into TurboTime (the branch manager can only see employees assigned to the relevant branch).


You now know what happens when your employees are at work, what happens when they are not? There are 200 absentee reasons (many user editable) for you to choose from. You can decide if the absentee reason is paid for in full, partially paid or not paid.


Colour code the Absentee Reasons so that they stand out in the Calendar (We recommend Red - Bad e.g. A.W.O.L, Orange- So So e.g. Sick, Green - Good e.g. Annual Leave.)

You can see at a glance any patterns. This employee is a potential problem. He has 7 A.W.O.L. Fridays in a Calendar year.

Once your clockings have been imported you can view the times, edit, where necessary, and handle any exceptions (Missing Clockings).

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TurboTime currently has over 100 (yes 100) different reports. We think we have thought of everything, but we will design reports to suit your specific needs on request. All Reports can be printed or exported in PDF, Excel or as text documents. Email to predetermined managers automatically, if you so require.

As an optional extra TurboTime currently has over 70 payroll interfaces, this includes variants of South Africa's two most popular, VIP and Pastel. We even have interfaces for clients with their own in-house payroll systems. If your system is not currently on the list send us a sample import file and we will do the rest.

Because of the close ties with Time and Attendance, TurboTime have developed the Job Costing system, to help you monitor your employees productivity. e.g. Your employee is onsite for 8 hours but only works for 2, WHY? You can now make sure you are paying your staff for working and not just being at work. Visit for more information.

Our latest developments are the integration of TurboTime with the cloud. You can now see your employees schedules, clocking times and absenteeism from anywhere in the world giving you even more control over your business.

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So you have decided on your software options, now you need to decide on the equipment you will use to record the information.


The following points must be taken into consideration:


1. How many staff do you have? (Spending R 100 000 on a wave scanner when you only have 5 employees is overkill. Conversely having one fingerprint reader for 500 employees will also not work.)


2. The Nature of your business. (We do not recommend the use of fingerprint readers in industries such as metalworking or chemicals. Rather consider Facial Recognition.)


3. The environment. (Is there a possibility that the readers may be exposed to water, as in the food preparation industry, then an IP65 reader will be required).


Our sales team will help you with the decisions and our technicians will recommend the optimum placing of the reader (No direct sunlight is an example of this.)

Mechanical Clocks

Sentri Systems - TR200 Sentri Systems - TT210 Date and Time Stamp

Although mechanical clock card machines may be considered "Old School" by some, they are still very popular with smaller businesses.


Comes with two colour printing and siren interface as standard.


Auto-Column change and Auto- Colour change.

This reader is mainly used for document tracking.


Print info onto your existing documents (up to 3 rows)


Identify bottlenecks in your paper flow process.

RFID Readers

Sentri Systems - TT545

RFID Access Control Terminal (can also be used for T & A) with 2 inch color display and graphical UI, for simple and easy control.


Built-in auxiliary input function for connection with wired detector or emergency switch.


Multi-verification methods by combinations of PIN, password and card, high level of security and flexibility are guaranteed.


Perfect for residential housing, offices and any other public facilities.

RFID proximity access control terminal (Can also be used for Time and Attendance) incorporating 3’’ TFT LCD.


Touch screen operation offer a user-friendly and easy menu management.


Multi-verification methods by combinations of PIN, password and card.


It can operate in in network or standalone mode, and transfer data by USB flash

FingerPrint Readers

Sentri Systems - TT520 Sentri Systems - TT630

Ethernet connection-based fingerprint terminal, used for access control and time attendance.


IP65 rated rugged waterproof and dustproof structure, offers extra durability in harsh conditions such as outdoor environments.


It is specially designed for standalone applications such as house, office, shop, garage, factory etc.

2.8-inch TFT screen Time Attendance (ONLY)Terminal.


TCP/IP and USB Host making data management extremely easy,


The built-in backup battery eliminates the trouble of power-failures.

Sentri Systems - TT635 Sentri Systems - TT582

Fingerprint Time & Attendance Terminal with WiFi (The ideal reader for SimpleTime).


New fingerprint reader design, helps the operation to remain stable under strong light, and the of verification of wet and rough fingers. .

Biometric fingerprint reader for access control and Time & Attendance applications.


User-friendly Graphic UI.


Both standalone installation and installation with any third-party access control panels  supporting standard Wiegand signal.


TCP/IP, RS485 and USB are all standard.

Sentri Systems - TT722 Sentri Systems - TT990

Ultra-thin fingerprint time attendance and access control terminal with BioID sensor and WiFi.


Features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm.


Flexibility for standalone installation or with any third-party access control panel with standard Wiegand signal.


TCP/IP, RS485 and WiFi are  available.

3.5-inch TFT screen fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control terminal.


User-friendly interface.


Easily manage data via RS232/485, TCP/IP and USB-Host.


Built in backup battery  eliminates the trouble of power failures.


Access control interfaces for Wiegand-in and Wiegand-out.

Revolutionary fingerprint time attendance device which incorporates the latest technology.


SilkID fingerprint sensor.


Expanded fingerprint storage capacity.


Infrared technology enables detection and provides higher energy efficiency.

Access control terminal (and T & A).


SilkID fingerprint sensor.


High identification rate towards dry, wet and rough fingers, capable of detecting live fingers for a higher security level.


Optional IP65 (waterproof/dustproof) version available on request.

Facial Recognition

Face recognition only with ID cards (optional).


Time & Attendance and basic access control.


The user-friendly UI.


Data transfer done through your TCP/IP or USB.

Multi-biometric identification product. Integrating Facial recognition, Fingerprint and/or PIN with optional RFID.


Can be used as a standalone access control reader or connect 3rd party access control panels and peripherals.


USB port for offline data backup/management.

Time attendance and access control terminal using face and/or fingerprint verification.


Extremely high verification speed and low error rate.


High-resolution infrared night vision light and professional color duo camera, the terminal can carry out quick verification in any environment.

Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal with SilkID fingerprint reader, face recognition and RFID card functions.


Operation remains stable under strong light source and high preciseness of verification of wet and rough fingers.


Advanced SilkID and face technology.


High identification rate towards dry, wet, and rough fingers, with alive finger detection. It can operate under strong light, and activates automatically when finger approaches to save power.


High-speed face recognition algorithm, with high verification speed and low error rate.

Vein Scanners

Multi-biometric reader capable of capturing and processing finger vein and fingerprint biometric data at the same time.


High recognition rate, high security & high speed terminal.


Standalone and installation with any third-party access control panels which support standard wiegand.

IP-based finger vein access control terminal (can also be used for T & A) that works as a standalone device or connected to a third party access control panel using Wiegand.


Able to identify fake or dry fingers, and providing excellent performance under strong sunlight.

Access Control

We also supply a range of Access Control equipment.

1, 2 and 4 door controllers

Access Control (ONLY) readers

Slave readers

Many of our other readers have Access Control functionality, please Contact Us for more details.

Sirens, Bells and Timers

Sirens, Bells and Timers play an important role in Time & Attendance. Please visit for more information.




Give us a call 011 704 7000



Face recognition only with ID cards (optional).


Time & Attendance and basic access control.


The user-friendly UI.


Data transfer done through your TCP/IP or USB.

Multi-biometric identification product. Integrating Facial recognition, Fingerprint and/or PIN with optional RFID.


Can be used as a standalone access control reader or connect 3rd party access control panels and peripherals.


USB port for offline data backup/management.

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Sentri Systems - TR200
Sentri Systems - TT210 Date and Time Stamp
Sentri Systems - TT545 Sentri Systems - TT547
Sentri Systems - TT520 Sentri Systems - TT630
Sentri Systems - TT635 Sentri Systems - TT582
Sentri Systems - TT722 Sentri Systems - TT990
Sentri Systems - TT830
Sentri Systems - TR200
Sentri Systems - TT210 Date and Time Stamp

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SimpleTime TT635 Fingerprint Reader
SimpleTime TT635 Fingerprint Reader
SimpleTime TT635 Fingerprint Reader
Sentri Systems - TR200
Sentrri Systems - TT210 Date and Time Stamp
SimpleTime TT635 Fingerprint Reader
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SimpleTime TT635 Fingerprint Reader