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If you employ ONE or 1000 we have a viable solution for you!

TurboTime Cloud Solutions

With the introduction of cloud computing just about everyone with even the slightest knowledge of/interest in technology expects to see applications being cloud based.


At Sentri Systems we are keeping up with the trend with three software options:


1. Simple Time (visit

A very basic Attendance system. shows time in and time out. This is, as it says simple time, there is no payroll interface, no absentee codes etc. You can see who is at work and who isn't.


This option utilizes the TT635 fingerprint reader


2. Face Time Clocks (visit

The data is stored in the cloud, schedule your staff, who was late? Who left early? All info is available to be imported into TurboTime for further analysis and manipulation.


3. Job Costing (visit

Please visit the website for details.


For the above two options all you need is a Android cell phone or tablet with android 6 or higher. No more need for fingerprint readers and the system is fully portable. (Carry your T & A hardware in your pocket)

TurboTime Time and Attendance

Full Time & Attendance


From simple to complex shift configurations.


Monitor all staff leave types. (Annual, Sick, Compassionate, Unpaid etc.) 200 options to choose from.


Over 90 different reports (If we don't have the report you need we can implement it for you.)


Over 70 Payroll interfaces (Optional Extra) including all the common payroll companies plus several custom payrolls.


For more info on TurboTime Time & Attendance please visit:

TurboTime Job Costing

Job Costing is also known as Production Timing.


Consider the following:


As a business owner you will know the cost on the raw materials required to make the dining room table. You will also know the monthly expenses you have (including: Salaries, Electricity, Equipment Maintenance, Property Rental etc.


The question which most companies can't answer is, how much profit am I actually making from the sale of my dining room table?


How much am I paying in salaries and wages for the produce my dining table?

What is it costing me in consumables (e.g. sandpaper)?

Have I factored in a portion of the Electricity and Machine maintenance?


TurboTime Job Costing will provide you with accurate figures allowing you to calculate your selling price and subsequently your profit.

Take the "Thumb Suck" out of your quotations.


For more information on TurboTime Job Costing visit:

Give US a Call: 011 704 7000

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