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Sentri Systems is also the home of the powerful Turbotime time and attendance software which can be linked to your existing payroll system (such as VIP Payroll). We stock clock cards, iButton touch tags, proximity cards and other accessories. Synchronise the time throughout you business with our Atomic Timed Digital Wall Clock Sentri Systems has been in the Time & Attendance industry for over 17 years.

Our CEO, Norman Wegerle, has over 30 years experience in Time & Attendance and Access Control and is actively involved in software development on a daily basis.Over the past few years we have spent many man-hours on the upgrading from the basic Job Costing (production timing) software to a comprehensive detailed tracking of job costing in terms of measuring hours worked in units ie a breakdown of job components into units measured in time and money ....more . Does the furniture manufacturer know how many man hours are needed to produce a dining room suite?