Portable Readers


  TT520 - Patrolman
  TT530C - Construction Portable Reader


The clock is about the length of two credit cards and thinner than the width of a credit card, it displays the date & time.

It fits nicely into your hand and when you push the button to turn the reader on and hold it near the employees card, it will read the card number, the clock will 'Beep', a bright LED will nearly blind you, the card number is then displayed on the LCD screen.Switches off automatically. ... more>>


TT530P - Patrolman Portable Reader

Good security is needed in this country to protect property and your products. The cost of having this security person / Patrol Man is a sizeable investment for some, especially when this service is contracted out.

This will probably not come as a surprise to you, but security guards sometimes fall asleep at night.

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TT250 TT250 - Desktop Fingerprint Time & Attendance Reader


The TT250 Desktop reader's battery charges via the USB port on your computer. With a battery life of over 3 hours, this makes the TT250 a portable device.



  TT582P- Portable Fingerprint Reader


Housed in a waterproof storm case, the TT582 is fully portable. Note:- the reader itself is NOT waterproof.


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