Mechanical Clocks




TR100 - Digital Mechanical Clock



Entry level clock card machine with digital display only. Prints in RED and black.





TR200 - Mechanical Clock


Mid-range clock card machine with full analog and small digital display. Prints in RED and black. .



  TT200 - Mechanical Clock


The next electronic clock allows you to Add On features such as Battery Backup (so there is no excuse why they could not clock) you can also add the Two Colour Printing and even a siren

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TT210 - Date/Time Stamp

All functions are quickly and easily customised to meet your exact business requirements. Built-in battery backup for time, date and memory auto-reset after power failure. Automatic month-end and leap year adjustment. Left or right hand margin printing. Large illuminated print window for accurate alignment of document. Printing options include Manual, Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Combination.

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