Job Costing Reader


Hardware Requirements.

There are four hardware components required for TurboTime Job Costing.
1. An existing or new network.
2 The data capture terminal/s
3. Barcode reader/s (one per data capture terminal)
4. Barcode label printer
Data Capture Terminal
The data capture terminal consists of a fingerprint reader with built in RFID card reader.
The terminal can be used for Time and Attendance and Job Costing at the same time. Use fingerprint for T & A and the barcode functions for Job Costing.
The Network
The networked devices can be either part of an existing network or a standalone network.
Barcode Reader
Barcode Reader
Any type of barcode reader can be used providing it has USB connectivity.
Barcode Printer
With a thermal barcode label printer you have your full kit.
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