• Reliable, durable & highly accurate optical sensor
• Integrated 125kHz RFID proximity reader
• Built-in Serial and Ethernet ports
• IP54 Rated metal casing
• Built-in Wiegand input/output ports for connection to third party control panels
• Less than 1 second user recognition
• Stores 1,500 fingerprint templates, 10 000 cards and 50,000 transactions
• Built-in USB port allows for manual data transfer
• Audio - Visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/ invalid fingers
• Reads Fingerprint and/or RFID card
• Supports 50 time zones, 5 groups and 10 unlock combinations
• Tamper switch
Fingerprint Capacity: 1,500 templates
 Transaction Capacity: 50,000 transactions  
 RFID Card Capacity: 10,000 cards  
 Sensor :ZK Optical Sensor  
 Algorithm Version: ZK Finger v10.0  
 Built-in Card Reader: 125kHz RFID proximity reader  
 Communication: RS485, TCP/IP,USB-host  
 Wiegand Ports: Input and Output any bits  
 Access Control interfaces: 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, open door alarm.  
 Access Control functions: 50 time zones, 5 access control groups, 10 unlock combinations  
 Power Supply: 12V DC 3A  
 Operating Temperature: -10 “C - 60 “C  
 Operating Humidity: 10%-90%  
 Dimension: 73X148X34.5 mm