After 14 years of manufacturing the old TT540 it has finally been discontinued to be replaced by the TT545 – ibutton.
But now the TT545 iButton has :-
Memory Stick.
TCP IP option.
1 X Relay.
Uses a Employees number and not the iButton number.
Allocate an iButton to a employee. This is done on the reader, not the PC. i.e. iButton # A658CD3 = Employees 555
So the Logdata file will show 555 clocked in at 08.00
And employee 555 clocked out at 18.00
If the employee loses his iButton. Give them a new iButton. Go to the reader call up # 555 and touch the new ibutton. Easy.
Q – What if the customer has old 540 and now wants to order a NEW iButton reader?
No problem. Warn the customer there is a NEW model.
In TurboTime, the Employee MASTER file has a place where you can allocate TWO cards.
Card 1 = A658CD3 – same as the iButton he has always been using.
Now type in his employees number i.e. 555 as the second card number.
Card 2 = 555
Technical Specifications
• Card Holders: 3000 cards
• Transaction Capacity: 50000 records
• Read Range: 10-15 cm
• I/O Interface: Memory Stick, TCP/IP
• Ethernet: 10/100M
• Access Control Function: 50time zones, 5groups, 10open door combination, supports multi-users enter. TTL for connecting to lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm
• LCD Panel: 4 line, 16 character each line(User name, ID number, time, date, states)
• Keypad: 4*4 metal keypad with 4 function keys
• Audio Visual Indicator: Red LED(Access denied)/ Green LED(Access granted) with Audible Beep
• Housing Material: ABS
• Power Requirement: 12V DC, 400mA