A brief history

Fingerprint biometric is relatively new, but Sentri Systems started its life more than 20 years ago. Prior to this, time & attendance software packages were imported from the USA, Germany, or Japan. The problem of trying to get minor changes made to the software was so frustrating that we made a commitment to either get out of this industry altogether, or develop our own software package (in Delphi) which enabled us to make changes according to our needs and desires when they were required.

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Welcome to this new and exciting reference section of our website! We have well over 2000 satisfied companies out there using our software and equipment, so we've decided to share some of their comments with you. When it comes to spending money on IT equipment, isn't it a good idea to hear how well the system works for other companies. You want to be sure that you are getting the best system for the money you are about to spend, don't you think? You will find the press releases below useful.

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About Sentri Systems

We have the solution to any Time & Attendance or Absenteeism problem/situation any company may have. We stock all types of time clocks (mechanical clocks, iButton touch tag clocks, proximity card readers, portable time clocks, biometric fingerprint readers and the latest addition facial recognition time & attendance and access control readers.

Sentri Systems is also the home of the powerful TurboTime time and attendance software which can be linked to your existing payroll system (such as VIP Payroll). We stock clock cards, iButton touch tags, proximity cards and other accessories. Synchronise the time throughout you business with our Atomic Timed Digital Wall Clock.

Sentri Systems has been in the Time & Attendance industry for over 20 years. Our CEO, Norman Wegerle, has over 30 years experience in Time & Attendance and Access Control and is actively involved in software development on a daily basis.Over the past few years we have spent many man-hours on the upgrading from the basic Job Costing (production timing) software to a comprehensive detailed tracking of job costing in terms of measuring hours worked in units i.e. a breakdown of job components into units measured in time and money ....more . Does the furniture manufacturer know how many man hours are needed to produce a dining room suite?