If you employ ONE or 1000 we have a viable solution for you!

Time Attendance problems? Then you are at the right place!

In February 1992 we opened for business, so we know a lot about the problems you face, and, we have many different solutions to solve your Attendance, Overtime and Staff issues.

A man with a watch has a good idea of the time, a man with two doesn't have a clue.


Does your company have an accurate clocking system for your staff?


So you know what your largest weekly/monthly expense is, but how do you control it?



Why is a reliable, accurate time and attendance system necessary for my company?


Do you know that you are required by law to keep "time worked" records for each and every employee for a period of at least three years?

We have systems that cater for all type of industry, from medical practitioners and attorneys to large mines and factories.



Our Managing Director, Norman Wegerle, who currently has over 35 years experience in Time and Attendance, decided in 1992, that South Africa needed a T & A System designed for the South African market and TurboTime was born.



Packages available on the local market, at that time, were imported and the chances of getting modifications and customization done were virtually zero.

How long do you spend on calculating your employees' hours worked on a weekly/monthly  basis?


How often does buddy clocking occur in your business?


Do you want your employees' productivity to increase?


Do you want your managers' and supervisors' productivity to increase?


Would you like to increase you bottom line?


Would you like to reduce your payroll costs?

Would you like to resolve the disputes  you have every week/month regarding employees arriving at work late, taking excessive lunch breaks or leaving early?


How accurate are your overtime records?


I left after 5. How long after 5?


Would it be nice to know how much sick leave has a specific employee taken in this cycle at the click of a button?


Do your staff work overtime because they "can" or because they need to, to complete a job?


Would you like to reduce the line outside your payroll office that occurs after EVERY payday?

TurboTime, because it is locally developed, can be customized or modified almost instantaneously.


Some of the requests we have received have, at first seemed ridiculous or unnecessary. However, as the saying goes, the customer is always right.



The most common customizations are reports and payroll interfaces. Several companies even have their own payroll for which we have developed an interface.


If we don’t currently interface into your payroll today, send us the import batch layout with a working sample and we will be able to create that file by tomorrow. Wonderful when you do things in house.

Do you want a happier workforce?


How many wages/salary queries do you have in a week/month, especially overtime?


How much time are your staff "stealing" on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?


How many "ghost" employees are on your payroll?


Do you need a multi-user system? Ideal for large companies where managers can only work with their staff.


Can you see, on your PC Screen, how many times  a specific employee has been "sick" on a Monday this year?

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